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Rad Balm: Plant Butter Multi-Purpose Skin + Hair Lotion Bar

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This all-natural, hypoallergenic bar is full of plant power and is a true multitasker. Try it as a:

  • skin salve
  • massage bar (melts on contact at body temp)
  • hair treatment for dry ends and frizzy flyaways, replacing oil, pomade, and more
  • beard tamer balm
  • rough cuticle and nail saver
  • moisturizer for dry skin, elbows, cracked heels

Ingredients: cocoa butter (theobroma cacoa), mango seed butter (mangifera indica), coconut oil (cocos nucifera), stearic acid (plant wax), essential oils (rosemary, lavender, tea tree). 

Full size: 2"x1" cylinder, 2.5 oz wt/3.4 oz vol.

The essential oils are at 1% fragrance load, is low enough to be therapeutic and to preserve the product without synthetic preservatives. Not to be used as a lip balm or on the face.

Apply by rubbing on hand, or directly onto your body. Can be cut into smaller pieces with a sharp knife if you really want. Lotion is water based, so it must have preservatives. This bar is a solid oil that melts on contact with skin and spreads buttery soft, without the need for preservatives. It's long lasting, but may melt if left in a hot car. In summer months, or for extra soothing, keep cold in the fridge. Minimally packaged and plastic free in reusable and convenient tin.

From Allison: Having sensitive skin my whole life, I've tried every lotion and cream. I started making my own 15 years ago, then starting giving it to people I knew undergoing intense radiation treatment. I named it Rad Balm because it helped with my mom's radiation, and because it smells rad. I can't say it treats any condition, for legal reasons, but please research the simple ingredients to see for yourself how this product may be good for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rad balm is rad!

Healed my horribly dry and cracked hands. Smells divine! Love this product!

Rad Balm is a MUST have!

This is my favorite thing that I've purchased from Allison's Artisan Goods. I have dry skin year round but especially during the colder months and nothing else I've tried has given me relief and lasting moisture quite as well as Rad Balm! I am so happy I found it. Also I recently watched a live stream of Vegan Street Fair at Home via Patreon and Allison was the guest. I enjoyed the whole interview but my favorite part was when Allison shared the story behind Rad Balm. Not only is it rad overall from how it smells to how well it soothes skin and tames my frizzy hair, it also helped her mom when she was going through "rad"-iation treatment. I highly recommend that you order some and experience how rad it is for yourself.

So Rad!!

The combination of lavender, rosemary, mint, and tea tree oils is so soothing. I love that I can quickly slide the balm on my kids’ skin and not have to worry about if they get any reactions from unwanted ingredients. Rad Balm is great to throw in my purse or for traveling because I don’t have to worry about messy spills like from lotions. I live in sandals so I am unkind to my feet and this balm will help me be kinder to dry skin.

Rad Balm

I love Rad Balm. It helps untangle my beard AND it smells faintly of chocolate.

Love this!!

Works great for my kid's eczema, my dry skin, and everything thing else we can think to use it on! Smells fantastic...love this!