How to use scent and aromatherapy in every day life

How to use scent and aromatherapy in every day life

Candles aren't the only way to add a layer of relaxing or uplifting freshness to your space. Here are some ways to use our products throughout your day.


You should always peel back bedding to let it air dry all day. When you get dressed, spritz a room spray in the air and open a window to freshen the space you snoozed in. For clothes, I keep a bottle of MOM in my closet. I use unscented laundry soap and air dry most of my clothes, so a small spray of linen and room spray is ok on most clothing. A small amount on my clothes after dressing adds a more natural scent than most dryer sheets. I also dab some perfume oil which is lighter than traditional sprays and don't irritate my nose.

On The Go:

Don't leave home without a face mask and hand sanitizer. Gloves are not really necessary since sanitizing and washing just your skin helps and disposables aren't super nice to the planet.

Our sprays are good for more than hands. I carry one into shops with me and spray down shopping cart handles. It dries quickly; no need to wipe down. I also spray my hands again after checking out (ew, keypads) and after loading groceries into my trunk.

Mask smelling less than fresh from all the garlic hummus you ate before masking? Just me?

A fresh aromatherapy tip is to spray your cloth or paper mask with one spritz of hand sanitizer. Be sure to spray NOT WHILE WEARING. SPRAY THE MASK AND LET IT DRY IN YOUR CAR BEFORE PUTTING ON YOUR FACE. I can't believe I have to state this, but, alcohol + essential oils and your eyes do not mix. Sigh.

At home:

When I return from any outing I wash my hands before doing anything at home. My premium bar soaps are perfect for cleaning your skin without the damage of traditional, cheap, detergent based bars. It's not a bad idea in these viral times to shower after returning home from work outside the home or shopping rather than in the morning. 

In each bathroom I keep a reed diffuser to, well, scent the air. It's a a bathroom. 

To unwind:

Time for candles. Lighting a flame connects us to primal and simpler times. Its no coincidence that we equate candles with warmth and relaxation.

In the evening is when I burn candles most often. Right after dinner, when I've filled the house with cooking smells, a candle helps me get through dishwasher and general closing duties. Then when all traces of messy kitchen alchemy is gone, so are lingering odors. 


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