COVID-19 and Safety

As a small business, I'm able to keep social distancing and work from home because I am a one-woman operation. I'm proud to have developed a sustainable and non-toxic hand sanitizer that surpasses the WHO required strength, especially with shortages by traditional stores. My base is a food-grade grain spirit distilled in Southern California and mixed with glycerin, aloe extract, and vitamins to prevent drying.

If you choose to trust me with your purchases, I can place local orders for contactless pickup at my house in Fullerton, California.I am also shipping with USPS now exclusively. I have momentarily paused UPS because it requires me to walk packages into the UPS Store or pay $4 per package for pickup. UPS Ground will resume once things improve.

My handmade products are all safely stored and awaiting a quick sanitization and packaging. COVID-19 only lives on cardboard for 24 hours, so I suggest opening your box outside then washing hands in case it's in contact with the virus during its journey. Those with extra sensitivities may wish to keep their box outside or in a garage for 24 hours after receipt before opening.

Please let me know at if you wish to discuss any part of our plan!