OC Vegan Mini Mall

Currently the Allison's Goods shop is located in a strip mall on State College surrounded by industrial buildings.

To increase foot traffic, my option are to move the shop closer to the downtown business corridor or a different town. The downsides are having to move from a great, open physical space, increases in rent, decrease in parking, and less desirable landlords.

I also considered moving to an established area with vegan restaurants and shops but it's not in Fullerton.

Instead, why not have it all? A vegan centric, low rent, clean space that we can build together?

My dream is to team up with likeminded business owners to make this location into a destination. The possibilities are similar to the Portland shopping mall with Herbivore Clothing, Food Fight!, Sweet Pea Baking, and Scapegoat Tattoo.

It's not going to happen unless I put it out into the universe, so let's talk! I hope to one day expand and add apparel, beauty, books, teas and herbs, and more to my current in house produced products.


  • restaurants, bakeries, ice cream
  • deli and juices & smoothies
  • small grocer, fresh and shelf stable
  • spa, nails, hair with vegan focus and products

✨ allison@allisonsgoods.com ✨