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Chicana Vegana Collab: Tres Leches Soy Wax Candle

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What's better than one vegan? Two vegans!

Allison created this magical scent with Jasmine from Chicana Vegana, the elustrious plant-based pop up food truck turned downtown restaurant. She spent years developing recipes for amazing tacos, burritos, burgers, and more. But a trip to pick up dinner is not complete without the famous pastel Tres Leches. Topped with fresh strawberries, this cake is rich in vanilla and cream. If you grew up eating the dairy version, you may not believe this luxurious treat is vegan.

The shimmery iridescent purple jar reflects the bold branding of Chicana's unique murals.

Scent notes: Strawberries, Vanilla, Sugar, Cream

Signature Jar: 6 oz color shift purple unicorn glass with cork lid. Limited edition: available online here or order with takeout in downtown Fullerton www.Chicanavegana.com 


Customer Reviews

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Amazing scent, beautiful jar ... just wow! I love this candle. It smells so delicious! Kudos to this collaboration between Allison's Goods and Chicana Vegana. It just makes the day better. :-)

Get this candle while you can!

I’m so excited I was able to score one of these limited edition candles. This collab between Allison’s Artisan Goods & Chicana Vegana is EPIC! It captures both businesses so well from its spot on, sweet, tres leches cake scent to its gorgeous iridescent jar. Speaking of that the iridescent jar, it compliments the iridescent vase I got for my Lego flowers & I’m happy to display them together. Support these ladies & treat yourself to this beautiful candle before they’re all gone forever!


Chicana Vegana Collab: Tres Leches Soy Wax Candle

Holy Pink Strawberry, Chicana (Batman)!

First off, this candle makes me hungry.

To be honest, it's not a typical scent profile I would seek out (and really, I was going to buy whatever scent was in this ridiculously cute unicorn pink jar). Even when I first lit it, I thought, okay, cool, smells like a cake. Then, as soon as it warmed, I was digging it. Then, after three minutes, I was *really* digging it. Yes, it smells like an awesome bakery. But I also found myself breathing more deeply. Then, I realized my whole mood had shifted--I felt lighter, happier, and dare I say sassier? It's very strawberry forward, but not cheap '80s lip balm strawberry, for those who were there. So if you want your home to smell like you've just baked, this is absolutely the spring scent for you. And it'll put a spring in your step like you're a vegan tres leches sponge cake. Well done on this collaboration.

Just be warned that it may make you hungry.