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Blood Orange + Pine Soy Wax Candle

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Take a drive up the coast to the Pacific Northwest to experience this fresh and intriguing blend. Originally a holiday candle, it was so popular that it had to be a year-round scent. It's so fresh and clean smelling, and makes a great odor neutralizer in a bathroom or kitchen. Don't let the pine and cypress notes scare you off- it really does work any time of year. 

Scent: Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Cypress, Moss, Bayberry, Blood Orange, Fir

Contains natural essential oils including bergamot, fir, eucalyptus, and mint.

Stone: Carnelian, which symbolizes creativity, vitality, and happiness, and verdant Heliotrope, which symbolizes clearing negativity, encouraging wisdom, courage, brightness.



100% USA-grown soy wax with no additives

clean fragrance and essential oil blends free of phthalates, Prop 65 ingredients, carcinogens, mutagens, and reproductive/organ/acute toxins

cotton and paper wicks

sustainably sourced crystals from an ethical, traceable supplier


9 oz wax by weight, 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch jar

Care information

Trim wick to .25 inch. Burn 1-2 hours to melt to edges. Extinguish after 4 hours for longevity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jennifer M.
Redwoods and Orange groves

The candle is beautiful. The scent is both inspiring and energizing. It’s perfect for kitchens and creative spaces.

Love it!

Someone gave us this candle as a gift for the holidays last year. I love Earl Grey tea so no wonder I loved the scent filled with Bergamot. This aroma is great for indoors in the winter with the pine freshness and crispy, clean orange scents. When I go back to work, I think I'll get the diffuser in this scent for my office.

Citrus and Forest Candel

I bought the small version of this candle so I was curious to see if it would fill my house with the scent and let me tell you it does!!! I'm so impressed with this candle. It is small but powerful and it's a lovely scent. I like to put it in my kitchen. I'll deffinantly be repurchasing this scent! :)

Like a breath of fresh air

This candle is wonderful, and I can see it being perfect any time of the year. It is refreshing and reinvigorating and reminds me of stepping into a natural space and taking a deep breath of fresh air after having been cooped up inside.