Face Mud: Clay Potion

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You don't need to be a witch or wizard to mix up this simple, clean, all-natural clay mask.

Made with clay and other botanicals and minerals, this dry formula has no need for preservatives or chemicals. Simply follow the recipes to mix up a fresh serving each time you want, and the rest will last much longer than premixed jars. Each 1 ounce tube holds 5 to 10 applications, depending on thickness used.

Like our candles and other products, proudly packaged plastic free in a recycled glass test tube with Portuguese cork. Please recycle or reuse containers.


  • Pure Clay: Bentonite clay, formed from ancient volcanic ash and mined in Benton, Wyoming. This is a good, simple mask to start with if you have sensitive skin
  • Black Heart: Bentonite, activated charcoal, and our Rosemary + Blood Orange essential oil blend. Sucks out impurities like a Dyson! (no copyright infringement)
  • Plant Power: Bentonite, turmeric, and our Lavender + Citrus Bliss essential oil blend: Gurjun Balsam, Lavender, Lemon & Lemongrass


  1. pour 1 teaspoon of potion from test tube into small bowl, reused glass jar, or palm of hand
  2. add 1 teaspoon of liquid/oil (see below)
  3. mix and add more liquid to thin, per preference
  4. apply to skin, let dry
  5. remove with water after a few minutes of drying, or longer as skin will tolerate

Options for recipe:

Water: to test the ingredients and your skin, use water in first application. Other options for customization include:

  • Witch hazel
  • apple cider vinegar
  • fresh citrus juice
  • agave nectar
  • plant-based yogurt
  • pure aloe vera gel (fresh or bottled)
  • freshly blended fruits or vegetables such as cucumber, avocado, or melon
  • oils such as MCT (fractionated coconut), avocado oil, or olive oil

Always consult a doctor regarding allergies, contraindications, or skin conditions. 



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