☕ ⚡📚💀 Accio Coffee Halloween Set! Candle, Scrub, Spray, Skull Bath

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☕ ⚡📚💀 Accio Coffee Halloween Set! Candle, Scrub, Spray, Skull Bath

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You may be gearing up for a muggle All Hallow's Eve, or you may be an Every Day Is Halloween Basic Witch type. This set is for both! This set is limited, so get your wizard or Muggle hands on one asap! 

Included in this bewitching gift set are:

Pumpkin Spice Candle (reusable recycled drinking glass) with black and orange sustainable stones.

Black Skull Bath Bmb: rich violet water swirls with bubble, bubble, toil and trouble in a Eucalyptus & Peppermint vapor.

Wizard Latte Whipped Sugar Soap and Scrub. Before you can say Espresso Patronum, this coffee and butterbeer scented sugar scrub will cleanse and exfoliate your skin like magic.

The Castle Library Room Spray: Bibliophile transfigurated to magically transport you to a castle near Scotland where witches and wizards train. 

Organic vegan candies to sweeten your day (different varieties) 

 ******Comes in a special purple box, ships separately from other items so please order separately.******

Customer Reviews

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Brandi Hart
I’m garbage at taking the time to leave reviews….but

I’m garbage at taking the time to leave reviews….but after using the wizard latte soap scrub I had to make myself sit down and write my thoughts.
So much so that I’m still in my towel, seriously.
I’ve been purchasing from AAG for a bit now. Candles, perfumes, linen sprays and Ive loved them all.
“Why haven’t you written a review yet!?”
Will you accept the additional excuse that all the women in me are tired?
This morning was no exception. Our 18 year old cat woke me up at 4:30 am, adult child number 2 was opening and closing doors at 5:30 and by 6:30 I had given up and resigned myself to being miserably tired for the day. By 7:30 I was woefully grumpy and decided to finally break into my Halloween set I had purchased to use the skull bath bomb (the dreamy, inky water was to die for and didn’t stain my tub) and the reason for taking the time to write this: the wizard latte soap scrub. OH. MY. GOSH. The scent was one I was familiar with since I scurried to buy the limited edition candle awhile back and was pleasantly surprised that it was able to be encapsulated in this slightly fluffy, yet firm substance that I wasn’t sure about at first….then I started scrubbing. The sudsy, light exfoliation combined with a smell that can only be found in Hogsmeade had me smiling and leaving my skin feeling smooth, moisturized and…well…magical ⚯͛.
I got out of the tub and relished in how dreamy I felt, all grumpiness gone and had me sneering a little bit at my Lush brand salt scrub (seriously, I may just give it the the adult child that was stomping around before dawn).
Allison, words will never be sufficient for how much I’ve loved and enjoyed your products and I’ve taken such pleasure in seeing you grow. Thank you for making such a wonderfully innovative product that I will 100% be using again and again.
I should probably get out of this towel now….