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Palo Santo Sage Skull Perfume Clean, Vegan, Rich Fragrance

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We aren't like the people who buy perfume at the mall in fancy schmancy bottles with French labels. We don't want to smell like the magazines at the dentist whose sample inserts assault your nostrils with little to no charm or balance. 

It's OK to be weird and different and like these two tone purple glass skulls. Place it on your dresser, bring it in your day or night bag.

Fragrance is highly concentrated in perfumers alcohol, up to 30% scent to last all day.

Made with the finest essential and fragrance oils, pure alcohol, with vitamins and aloe added to help skin normally sensitive to alcohol.


Size: 8 ml, size 2 inches tall.


Grain alcohol base (locally distilled)

Essential oils and clean fragrances: all products never contain the following

✖ Carcinogens

✖ Mutagens

✖ Reproductive toxins

✖ Organ toxins 

Acute toxins


1 fluid ounce, 30 ml.

Bottle measures 1.75*.75*4 inches

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