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Stay The F Home Candle

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Time to stay put and chill out. This fragrance is perfect for closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and sheltering the f in place. Keep your possibly contagious ass inside and obey the social distancing orders. Also, go wash your hands. If you're an essential worker and have to help keep society on track, you need this moment to relax even more. 

Fragrance is tied to memory, and this candle takes me directly to glorious days at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. A glass of tropical iced tea, an aromatherapy massage, and bouncing between the cold pool and the hot cedar sauna sound pretty damn good about now. Until then, this candle and a bath will have to do. A handful of remaining candles are in cobalt glass, but clear is in stock. If you have a preference, add a note at checkout! Otherwise you get blue until they are gone. 

Cucumber, Honeydew//
Lavender, Cedar//
Chamomile, White Tea, Light Musk

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including lavandin and cedarwood.

[Signature Jar: 6 oz, 50 hours

Double Wick: 13 oz, 80 hours; shown with glass hurricane]

Also available as a diffuser and spray.