Wizard Latte Charity Candle

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Butterscotch and coffee- like that trademarked drink from a boy wizard book series I can't mention.

Every cent of the sale of this candle goes directly to The National Center for Trans Equality. Not the profits, not a percentage, but everything. WWW.TRANSEQUALITY.ORG

This is no rainbow capitalism. It's a direct middle finger each to the TERF author of a book I won't name, and to a government who thinks it's ok to strip the rights of human beings because they don't understand. 

Pairs well with: painting signs for protests, emailing your elected representatives, donuts.

Fragrance notes:

Top: Butter, Righteous Anger, Coffee
Middle: Caramel, Sugar, Equal Rights
Base: Minding your own damn business, Vanilla

100% soy candle, cork lid, recycled glass, paper label. Plastic and bigotry free. Oh, and it has silver sparkles in it. Magical! ✨


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