Soap Accessories to Extend your bar's life!

Soap Accessories to Extend your bar's life!

I constantly get feedback from customers about how long the bars last even with daily shower or handwashing. There's a reason for that- cold processed soap is typically more dense and rich than chain store bars. Those big brand soaps are not even really soap- they are synthetic detergent bars pressed together in a bar mold. My soap is olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and other butters or rich oils, mixed with lye to create a completely different product: glycerin rich *real* soap.

Have you ever tasted a summer tomato just picked from the vine? Compare that to a winter hot house grown tomato, picked green and shipped across the world to your store. No comparison, right? That's how I describe real, natural soap versus synthetic detergent bars.

So you've discovered the magic of real artisan soap. Now how to protect and extend that magic?

I recently added Poplar soap dishes to my shop. These are free now with 4 bars, so it's a great way to stock up for the harsh, dry winter months and try this accessory. While I love making everything myself, I'm no woodworker! Plus, I am also supporting a small business by wholesaling this fellow craftsperson and preventing plastic soap dishes from being purchased.


Another popular accessory is a sisal soap bag. Rather than a plastic pouf, you can put your bar in this bag and use it directly on your skin. For me, it's a bit scrubby so I just use it for scraps on my elbows and feet. For extra exfoliation, it can be used all over. They do soften over time. Just be sure to hang it to dry in the shower or tub. It's a great way to not waste the slivers at the end of a bar.


I'm considering a new accessory that I have testing - a soap gripper that attaches to the bar and makes it easier to use in the shower. I wasn't a fan of it being plastic, but they are soon molding them from post consumer or post industrial resin, which is an improvement. I will keep you posted.

What else do you like for soap bar accessories?


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