Our Story

Allison's Artisan Goods is made by a real person- me, Allison Ritto Almstedt.
I'm a longtime vegan, wife, crunchy(ish) mom of two, and crafty homebody. My line combines my loves: creating, home decor, and lovely scents inspired by my favorite things and places. The backbone of my business, though, is charitable giving, ecological sustainability and veganism.
Like many people, I want to know where the items I buy originate, how they are made, and what ingredients they contain. I need to know that what I purchase is safe for my family and my health. A large inspiration in that vein was my mom, Karen, who was one of the first people I know to start questioning ingredients and manufacturing for safety.
When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which eventually took her from us, our community was supportive in every way. From her spirit, and that example, I hope my small business pays it all forward. Each product I sell benefits local causes about which I care a great deal: housing and homelessness in Orange County, California. 

Allison, aka Ali, looking sassy

Products with Purpose

Thank you, and may you be the spark that lights hope for others.

-Allison Ritto Almstedt