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Our Story

I, Allison Ritto Almstedt, started Allison's Artisan Goods because I wanted my house to smell better and my skin to feel better. I wanted products I knew were safe to use around my small children, with minimal impact on the environment.

That's why I I founded this small company in my garage and began giving money from every purchase to charities I'm passionate about. Today my website runs with five charities that you can choose at checkout, where 5% of your purchase is donated at no cost to you. These are local and national causes about which I care a great deal: housing and homelessness in Orange County, California, pediatric cancer research, animal rights, and equality for all. 

Along the way, I learned to make clean, non-toxic soy candles and hypoallergenic soaps and balms. I focused on reducing or avoiding single-use plastics, sourcing local whenever possible, and offering handmade products that offer luxurious self-care at a reasonable price.

I want to be a solid small brand with local roots, but amplify the messages of sustainability, veganism and clean living.

A large inspiration in that vein was my mom, Karen, who was one of the first people I know to start questioning ingredients and manufacturing for safety.
When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which eventually took her from us, our community was supportive in every way.

From her spirit, and that example, I hope my small business pays it all forward. 

I hope you'll join me on social media to follow the journey I'm on!

-Allison Ritto Almstedt