Allison's Vegan Fullerton Eats

Allison's Vegan Fullerton Eats

If you come by the store, and want to grab some amazing vegan eats, follow this handy guide to my favorite spots. 

Here's a Google map list with all the spots marked!


1. Chicana Vegana

  • Started as a pop-up years ago, now a brick-and-mortar with dine in and to go in the heart of Downtown
  • the only fully vegan restaurant in Fullerton (this needs to change)
  • fave item: Mexikogi (taco, burrito or fries), Tres Leches cake and candles!!

2. Les Amis

  • clearly vegan menu items such as falafel, salads, and the best dip ever, hummus
  • fave item: Cauliflower (appetizer, wrap)

3. Huntington Ramen and Sushi

  • dedicated vegan menu (ask for it) with appetizers, ramen, and huge sushi rolls.
  • fave item: Garlic Butter Roll, Vegan Ecstasy Ramen (in photo!)
  • side note: Sweets Stop is a few doors down and serves a rotating menu of Dole Whip: typically pineapple along with another also vegan flavor! No vegan baked goods yet, but if we keep asking nicely, hopefully someday

4. Thai Basil

  • standard American Thai restaurant with vegetarian offerings, be sure to mention vegan and avoid added egg in items like Pad Thai
  • fave item: yellow curry with fried tofu, spice level 7+

5. Two Saucy Broads and Papa Pizza Pie

  • TSB is a more gourmet option with house made sauce and slow-rise dough. To go or outdoor dining only. Has vegan cheese, meats, and dressing options. Fave item: Vegan Garlic Knots, Pineapple and Jalapeño pizza (yes, pineapple. Come at me!)
  • Papa Pizza Pie has a larger vegan menu, and is more like a fast food pizza joint. Has dedicated vegan menu, gluten free menu (not all gf options are vegan). Not just pizza and salads but pastas, subs, and dessert!

6.  Zombee Donuts

  • Family owned donut shop with one vegan family member who urged them to make vegan options! Offers cake and yeast raised donuts.
  • fave item: seasonals such as lemon, pumpkin cake. Maple bar is the go-to year-round.

Further Options:

While not in Fullerton, if you're not from OC and have more time to explore, head to the "vegan mini mall" in Garden Grove. Located at Chapman Ave and West Street. Restaurants include Vegan Pizza, SubVegan, and Loving Hut. 7 Vegan Market is attached to SubVegan.

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