Recipe Ideas for Tanaka Farms Produce Boxes

Recipe Ideas for Tanaka Farms Produce Boxes

These are some of my go-to recipes that will help you chow down on this season's boxes. I have personally made these recipes at least once myself- this is no random list of googled stuff!

  • Broccoli Salad from Bon Appetit

Notes: if raw is too much, you can blanch veggies still crisp. Some people digest cruciferous vegetables like broccoli better when cooked. This salad improves after a day in the fridge!

  • Strawberry Dressing for Kale and More

While berries may be out of season, frozen do perfectly well in this recipe. If you dress kale, let it sit for an hour to break down the surface wax of the leaves. The boxes have also had lettuce lately, and apples oranges, so this dressing with cut up fruit and any greens will be a bright and flavorful winter treat.

  • Sauteed Arugula

Overwhelmed with salads, I cooked up my box of arugula and the super garlic and lemon sauce made the peppery greens well balanced and mouth-watering.



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