Store Update! October 2023

Store Update! October 2023

Having a boutique in downtown Fullerton has long been a goal, a terrifying and unattainable goal.

Although the first space I leased did have a storefront flex space, the location was off the beaten path and being open regularly wasn't sustainable.

The second space was a tiny warehouse that really was a move to save money in uncertain times.

When that lease expired, I looked at commercial rentals online (ok, I had been looking pretty much constantly for 4 years). The 815 Harbor space was smaller than the first, but bigger than the second space. Plus, the price was right. Surprisingly in the budget right, to be honest.

Also, many times I have met people who assume there is a retail store when there wasn't. I didn't think an opportunity to start this new chapter would come this soon, along with the opportunity not to be constantly bouncing all over at pop-ups.

There still will be in person events, just not as often. The trade off, though, is a vast expansion of what we can offer.

Vegan grocery stores have slowly grown past just being "health food" shops or coops. My vision is that it's a vegan destination for fun and giftable, premium items. I created a list of dream categories including candy and chocolate, spices and tea, go-to vegan pantry sauces and seasonings, books and tarot cards, and more plastic-free home and beauty tools.

Coming soon at the end of October!

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