What is coming up for Allison's Artisan Goods this year?

What is coming up for Allison's Artisan Goods this year?

If you told me at the start of this year what to expect, I would not have believed you.

I am tired of looking back though, since there's enough to take care of in the present.

2020 is more than halfway through and as I write this, California and my area of Orange County in particular is still deep in COVID related issues. I've shifted from mostly craft fair and pop up sales and some ecommerce to all ecommerce. Candle sales declined but soap and hand sanitizers are selling well.I'm trying to not take this quarter's growth and success for granted, because the economy is too uncertain.

What I do know is that Fall will launch September 1 and Holiday will launch November 1. Expect delicious seasonal candles, soaps, and fragrance products. Every season, I think "this is my favorite season of the year" at least scent-wise, so of course I feel that way about the upcoming spicy, warm, and cozy fragrances lined up. Launch in 2019 was Black Friday, so I missed out on all the autumnal opportunities and Halloween. 

On the flipside, there will be some paring down of the signature line (which is year-round) and miscellaneous products. I'll still have a wide array of complementary goods, but I'm trying to stay cohesive. If your favorite scent or product suddenly disappears, just email me to ask about its return or backstock. I'll always answer honestly! allisonsgoods@gmail.com

I have too many creative designs, too many things I want to try, but I'm like a crow I spend too much time chasing shiny objects when I should be searching for food. What I mean is, I have spent a great deal of time this year tinkering with things that didn't sell enough to warrant that investment! I'm focusing on what I do well, efficiently, and profitably. 

My realization is that I don't have to make everything for everyone, and that I can wait. I don't have to make every idea rightnowrightnowrightnow.


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