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Sugar Scrub: Whipped Soap + Exfoliant In One

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This scrub will get you clean, gently exfoliate, and fill your shower with a delicious scent. You'll come out of the shower feeling like a new person. 

The texture is like whipped cream with just enough sugar folded in to make it scrub without the irritation of some coarse exfoliants. The soap base, made of coconut cleansers, cleans skin so there's no need for two products!

Key ingredients: bone-char free vegan sugar, finely milled clay, coconut oil.


Autumn Woods blend- Valencia Orange, Clove, Fir, Cedar, Balsam (also contains organic pumpkin flour)

Suggested uses:

Dirty hands after tough work like gardening

Elbows, knees, feet 

All over for a weekly luxurious mental reset

After a clay mask or before shaving



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Debbie Huff

I love the texture and scent. Like a 5 minute spa treatment for the 3 minutes a busy mom has to herself a day! Highly recommend!

Debbie Huff
Love it! Perfect summer scent.

Perfect for summer and getting those arms tank top ready.

Samantha McNaughton
Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub

Smells soooo good! Definitely recommend.

Perfection in a tub!

The sugar scrub smells and feels wonderful. I love how it leaves my skin feeling.