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Pineapple Whip Soy Wax Candle

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In 1986, a famous pineapple company started selling refreshments at an enchanted, bird-themed local attraction. The frosty frozen tart and sweet pineapple like your favorite tiki treat. The creamy soft serve and its juice float version are both dairy free and vegan- its just fruit and sugar!

This cult favorite dessert became the best selling candle of summer 2020. This year's version features a durable vinyl decal of everyone's favorite little alien Child having a great day at the park with his favorite snack and mouse ears! After the candle has finished, this vessel is a perfect reusable container for your home.

Smells like: fresh juicy pineapple, sugar, and a dash of magic.


Customer Reviews

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Perfectly Packed Pineapples

(Love the alliteration)
This pair of pineapples were PERFECTLY packaged! The smell is divine. I cannot wait to burn through them so I can save the ceramic pineapples to put things in!