Rad Balm: Cocoa Butter Multi-Purpose Skin + Hair Bar

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This all-natural, hypoallergenic bar is full of plant power and is a true multitasker. Try it as a:

  • calming skin salve and moisturizer
  • massage bar (melts on contact at body temp)
  • hair treatment for dry ends and frizzy flyaways, replacing oil, pomade, and more
  • beard tamer balm
  • rough cuticle and nail saver

Ingredients: raw unrefined cocoa butter, unrefined coconut oil, stearic acid (not acidic, but a palm based wax for hardening), essential oils [Vitality: tea tree, lavender, and peppermint add a barely there scent but also may help irritated skin, plus antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.]

The essential oils are not present much in the finished product. The 1% fragrance load is low enough that the chocolate and coconut are pretty amazing. The oils are more therapeutic than for fragrance.

Apply by rubbing on hand, or directly onto your body. Can be cut into smaller pieces with a sharp knife if you really want.

From Allison: Having sensitive skin and eczema my whole life, I've tried every lotion and cream. I started making my own many years ago, then starting giving it to people I knew undergoing intense radiation treatment which burns the skin. I named it Rad Balm because it helped with my mom's radiation treatment, and because it smells rad like chocolate and coconut candy bars.

Lotion is water based, so it must have preservatives. This bar is a solid oil that melts on contact with skin and spreads buttery soft, without the need for preservatives. It's long lasting, but may melt if left in a hot car. In summer months, or for extra soothing, keep cold in the fridge. Minimally packaged and plastic free in reusable and convenient tin.

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