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Swedish Dishcloths: Fun and Funky Paper Towel Swap

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Still using paper towels, and throwing them away? Might as well throw dollar bills straight in the bin.

Using a sponge on the floor, then washing your dishes with it? Are you begging to spread germs?

It's a no, dog.

 ECO FRIENDLY: Reusable, Biodegradable, Compostable

  • 70% Wood Pulp / 30% Cotton
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: up to 3/4 Cups liquid per cloth
  • Dishwasher & washer Durable up to 200 Cycles
  • Bleach, Boil or Microwave to Sanitize
  • For Kitchen, Bathrooms, outdoors
  • Windows, Counters, Floors or for any application you would traditionally use Paper Towels
  • more hygienic than a sponge: won’t crumble or pill
  • air dries quickly: doesn’t breed bacteria or smell

ONE cloth can replace up to 17 rolls of Paper Towels – saving trees and $$$$$$

Material: Cellulose and cotton. Size: 6.75" X 8".

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